Giardino String Duo

And so arrives the Giardino String Duo! On Friday, June 10th, we made our debut playing some classical and more contemporary tunes at the inaugural screening of a short film. We played in the swanky Covent Garden Hotel’s Fortune Room, and the attendees were dressed to the nines for the premiere of “Parallel City.” If you check out our facebook page, you can watch a video clip of one of our duets. Though David and I did not watch the premiere, we were able to sneak in a cheeky photoshoot during the movie break. The beautiful venue provided ample opportunity for us to try out some new poses in order to boost some new material for our website. We loved performing as a classical string duo and found that the newly created Giardino Duo has a lot of flexibility. We had room to add in some quirky improvisations as we traded off the melody, and as we were playing primarily as background music, we had more time and facility to communicate and carefully plan our program as we went along. Our lovely employers at Parallel City loved us so much, the even invited us back to perform at a second screening the following week! If this isn’t proof that our first experimentation as a duet was a success, then I don’t know what is. As the job drew to an end, David made sure to snarf down as many biscuits as possible, while I retrieved a lost hairclip. The hairclip had escaped my locks during an especially intense rendition of an Elvis song, and as I had been swept away in the moment, I did not have time to rearrange my hairstyle until the end of the gig. We had an absolutely phenomenal and truly enjoyable time playing as a string Duo, and we are greatly looking forward to more duet experiences in the future! We both went home happy and satisfied that we had performed well, and provided a lovely experience for our audience.

Written by Corinna Boylan cellist at Giardino Strings.