String Quartet Kesgrave Hall

String Quartet Wedding Music at Kesgrave Hall

The following day, Giardino Strings performed as a string quartet for a lovely wedding in Surrey. We awoke early and assembled in Belsize Park to begin our journey into the countryside in David’s van. Though we faced several trials, we made it to the wedding all in one piece, which is quite a miracle considering David was convinced he’d lost the tip of his finger after an intense battle with the van door. Luckily, I had some plasters on hand, so we bandaged up the wound and made our way out of London. We stopped only once to pick up some coffee at a rest stop, and after a close encounter with an eighteen-wheeler (easily the hugest lorry I have seen during my time in England), we were back on our way. The wedding venue Kesgrave Hall was beautiful, and once the rain subsided and the sun emerged, we were able to perform outside. We experimented with a novel quartet formation, and found the new setup to be quite aesthetically appealing; it was also quite effective for communication. As a wedding string quartet, we lined up along a pathway facing the outdoor reception in a completely straight line. While this could have posed some communication problems, we managed quite well. We were all comfortable and familiar enough with the repertoire to communicate easily in our new set-up, which (in my un-biased opinion) looks quite cool. If you have any interest in booking us for your next wedding, corporate event, party, celebration, or even proposal, send us an email and let us know. We are all professionally trained musicians, and we perform as a string quartet with tremendous flexibility and finesse.

Written by Corinna Boylan, cellist at Giardino Strings.