String Trio at Botleys Mansion

Though we left an overcast and drizzly London, our wedding string strio arrived to a thoroughly sunny and gorgeous Surrey. We had a little bit of time to explore the beautiful Botleys Mansion in Chertsey, Surrey (and caffeinate substantially at the hospitality of the bride and groom) before we began rehearsing. We began our rehearsal with “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri; we wanted to test the timing, so I pretended I was a bride and walked down the aisle with all the grace I could muster in order to see where we would end our piece. However, my clumsy walk was nothing compared to the bridal party’s entrance. Metalika (the bride) is one of the most stunning, poised women I have ever seen, and her mother and maid of honor were equally beautiful. They were truly breathtaking. After a beautifully tailored service, designed by the bride and groom, we ushered out the newlyweds and their guests to “Rather Be” by Clean Bandit . During the signing of the registry, the string trio played John Legend’s “All of Me,” which is fitting for a wedding, but most particularly this one because the bride and groom were arguably even more stunning than Chrissy and John. At this point the party moved outside to enjoy the weather and some bubbly, whilst we re-arranged for our next set. The bride and groom were photographed in the bucolic fields: grasses and wheat swaying in harmony with our music and the winds. Though one might think that the classically structured Botleys Mansion might be at odds with the kind of British countryside one might associate with Pride and Prejudice or The Importance of Being Earnest, in fact the two seemed to fit each other stunningly. All in all, it was a glorious ceremony and a glorious day. We piled back into David’s van, dropped Iryna off at the train station, and then David and I made our way to our second gig of the day.

Written by Corinna Boylan, cellist at Giardino Strings.