electric string quartet

Launch of The Corporate Quartet – electric string quartet

The Corporate Quartet is the latest brainchild of David Giardino. It’s a high impact electric string group that offers a departure from the sexy female string quartet. Unlike electric string quartets Bond and Escala, The Corporate Quartet also explores the power and vivacity of the male electric violinist.

The result of a collaboration between David, violinist/arranger Laci Olah and videographer Paolo Benetazzo, this first video from Spectre shows the explosive showmanship of the string ensemble.

Shot in an East-End boxing club, previously frequented by the Kray twins and virtually untouched since the 70s, the musicians use the boxing ring as their stage, the champions of yesteryear looking on. This performance space gives an insight into the versatility of the group: Imagine this high impact show centre stage at a corporate event, wedding or party!

The first musical idea behind the video emerged when David commissioned Laci to write an arrangement of the theme from Pirates of the Caribbean as a centrepiece for the new show. As soon as he saw the venue where they were to shoot, he saw how the video would start.

“I went back home very excited and called Laci,” says David. “I need a Rocky intro to the Pirate! We had both loved Rocky since we were teenagers. I didn’t need to explain any more to him.”

The 8 players each bring a unique personality and culture to the music, hailing from Spain, Italy, France, Hungary, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Russia and Sweden. Perfect for exclusive corporate events, the group specialises in performing their own arrangements of pop, rock ballads, and timeless classics, with a hint of show-stopping Klezmer and gypsy music.

The show opens with Going the Distance, the theme from Rocky, inspired by the atmosphere of the boxing gym. The performance is strongly choreographed. The musicians appear on stage shrouded in yellow robes, evoking Sylvester Stallone’s character arriving for a fight. The robes vanish, replaced by sparkling evening wear, as the electric string group deliver a slick, fast-paced spectacle laden with world-class musicianship.

The Corporate Quartet offers a fully bespoke performance, tailoring music styles and choreography to suit the most exclusive corporate event. Repertoire ranges from classical crossover favourites to fist-pumping pop and rock, and from golden oldies to the latest hits. The group offers an exciting, glamorous and highly polished alternative to anyone looking to hire an electric string quartet or book corporate entertainment in London, or for sophisticated wedding entertainment with the wow factor, an unforgettable musical centrepiece.