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Destination Wedding String Quartet – Our Story | Giardino Strings

Check out our dear-diary type post to discover our overseas cultural experience as a destination wedding string quartet. India Wedding String Quartet. Giardino Strings would like to share their fabulous experience playing at a two-day mixed Jewish and Hindu wedding in India. Our client booked us for their overseas ceremony at the breathtaking Raas Devigarh Palace and it was certainly a memorable occasion.

It was a chance for our team of London wedding musicians to broaden their horizons into other cultures. Here, we tell the tales of our Indian performances.

Day One: The Ceremony

Day one included the Jewish ceremony. David took the lead with a solo performance on the violin while walking behind the groom as he made his way down the palace stairway to the chuppah. This was followed by our wedding string quartet performing notes of Canon in D positioned near the swimming pool as the bride gracefully made her way down the aisle.

After the ceremony, we then played a set which was unique to the happy couple. This set was a special request from the bride and groom, which was clearly appreciated by the gathering of people enjoying some traditional Israeli dancing.

Day Two: The Mehndi Night

On the second day of our India booking, we played at the famous Mehndi night. Our client had arranged many different performers to show off their talents in the palace courtyard. We were one of those bookings and got into the cultural spirit of the event by dressing in red and gold outfits and playing a well-received repertoire of Bollywood songs.

Why Book Us For Multicultural Ceremonies?

We understand that every detail of your wedding needs to be meticulously planned and considered. Therefore, we don’t expect you to already be in the middle of dialling our number to book us for your special day. You want to know what makes us the best destination wedding string quartet for any wedding near or far. Well, let us tell you just that.

  • Wedding experience: Our string players have an astounding amount of experience as musicians as well as playing at weddings. We don’t just get the aisle music perfect and hit the right notes for you and your guests at the reception. We know how to go unseen when not needed, cause no disruption to other wedding day logistics, as well as other wedding etiquettes.
  • Versatility: As our booking in India goes to show, we are more than capable of adapting our usual styles to the styles of music in other cultures and countries.
  • Full cultural emersion: But adapting our style is not the only thing we do. We get into the spirit of the occasion and your culture in any way we can. For instance, take our new gold and red wardrobe at the Mehndi night. It’s all part of the service.
  • Tailored performances: You can even ask us to play certain songs that are important to you, your loved ones or songs that are traditional to your culture. We welcome these requests so we can make your wedding exactly how you deserve it to be – perfect.
  • Passports ready: Although there are many multicultural ceremonies on our doorstep in London, we are more than willing to travel to weddings overseas to perform.

Book Us For Your Upcoming Wedding!

Giardino Strings is available for bookings across the globe. We are a versatile destination wedding string quartet with bags of experience. We welcome new and exciting requests from different cultures, so we can get creative and provide live performances and quality music tailored to you. Contact us today to book our quartet for weddings and events, worldwide!