Jewish Celebrations

Dear David, many thanks for providing the music at the Chuppah. It was very beautiful and Gilda and I are most appreciative to you and your fellow musicians. Wishing you continued great success for the future. – Michael Abraham Levy, Baron Levy

Jewish Celebrations

The Giardino String Group specialises in Jewish celebration music, having the most extensive Jewish, Israeli, Klezmer repertoire available in the UK for string ensembles. Whatever your request we can happily cater for any group size, location space, theme, musical style and arrangements.

We have a variety of string combinations varying from our traditional String Quartet, Classical String Trio, String Duo to a full String Orchestra. We can also provide harps and soloists. For weddings we can cover all musical aspects from the ceremony thorough to the reception and wedding party.

All of our players are professional musicians with top training, musical credits and experience playing at Jewish celebrations. Our regular engagements are usually in St Petersburgh Place Synagogue, West London Synagogue, Central Synagogue with evening venues including the Hilton Hotels, The Dorchester, The Grove, Grosvenor House and many more.

Our service is totally bespoke for each celebration. We give a very personalised service to each client. If there is a special musical request, we will find the music and make an arrangement for your special day.

Also available String Quartet plus Chazan for your chuppah. Our full repertoire is available upon request.
We are proud to count among our clients Baron Michael Levy and Sir Evelyn de Rothschild.
The Chuppah

Music plays an important part in Jewish life, and no more so than when it comes to weddings.

The ceremony itself (known as the Chuppah) remains the part of the wedding where Jewish music features most strongly.

Many different tunes mark the entrance of the bride: the most popular include a choral song, Baruch Haba (which translates as: ‘blessed is he who comes’) and the instrumental piece Eshet Chayil (translated as ‘a woman of valour’).

Other religious music may be used, often sung by a choir or a Chazan.

Giardino Strings specialises in providing music for a Jewish Wedding from the ceremony through to the reception and wedding party.

Our regular engagements are in St Petersburgh Place Synagogue, West London Synagogue, Central Synagogue and prestigious venues including Hilton Hotels, The Dorchester, The Grove, Grosvenor House and many more…

Music ideas for the chuppah:
      • Welcome your guests into the synagogue with our string quartet
      • A solo violinist can walk the bride in on the notes of Sunrise, Sunset or your favorite tune
      • The strings can accompany the chazan for the ceremony 
      • Jazz things up a bit for the reception with a jazz string trio or a jazz band
      • Let the music swell for the evening with a function band joined by our string ensemble. 
Bar & Bat Mitzvah
Bar & Bat Mitzvah music ideas:
    • Welcome your guests with a string duo made of violin & cello
    • A solo violinist can walk your family into the dining room performing upbeat music 
    • The string quartet can perform an israeli dance medley  
    • A jazz string trio or a jazz band for the reception
    • A harpist can perform during dinner
    • For larger events combine our string ensemble with a party band performing together
Solo musicians: 
Flute, sax, clarinet
violin and cello
violin and keyboard
violin or flute and harp
two violins and cello
two violins and keyboard
violin, flute and keyboard
violin, harp and cello
klezmer trio: violin, accordion, double bass
String quartet
String trio plus harp
String trio plus keyboard
Klezmer quartet: violin, accordion, clarinet, double bass
Other ensembles: 
quintet: three violins, viola and cello
sextet: four violins, viola and cello
octet: four violins, two violas, two cellos
15-piece strings including two harps
A chazan can be accompanied by all of our musicians
Jazz and party bands also available.
Chazan Steven Leas
Giardino Strings and Chazan Steven Leas have been collaborating for several years. They recently recorded for the first time ever beautiful jewish melodies especially arranged for voice and string quartet. They are available to book in the following line-ups:

Steven accompanied by

        • Giardino String Quartet
        • Giardino String Trio
        • Giardino String Duo
        • David Giardino – Solo Violin
        • Violin and keyboard


You were all really great at the wedding and really made the atmosphere we were hoping for!

Ilana LeaderBride

David, your duo was elegant, tasteful and lovely to listen to. You are a pleasure to work with. Thank you.

Raymond DinkinFather of the groom

Other Ensembles